Cook Land Company

DSS Solar

A 3,215-megawatt solar installation for the new Fresno County DSS campus.

As a part of our long-term commitment to clean energy and reduced operating costs for our tenants, Cook Land Company invested in a massive solar project for four Fresno County DSS buildings. Utilizing the space on the rooftops of the four DSS buildings, we installed 7,928 solar panels. Each installation took less than 60 days and currently produces an annual energy equivalent that could power 4,943 average-size homes. We plan to bring more energy efficiencies and innovations to our many tenants in the years ahead.

Installation Profile

DSS Building 1:

  • Power: 835.2 kw
  • Panels: 2,088, 400-watt LG solar modules

DSS Building 2:

  • Power: 689.6 kw
  • Panels: 1,724, 400-watt LG solar modules

DSS Building 3:

  • Power: 793.8 kw
  • Panels: 1,960, 405-watt LG solar modules

DSS Building 5:

  • Power: 894.74kw
  • Panels: 2,156, 415-watt LG solar modules

Total Power of All Buildings:

3,213,340 kw (or 3.213 megawatts)

Total Panels of All Buildings:

7,928 solar modules

3.213 megawatts is equal to:
Powering4,943average homes annually
offsetting101,220.21tons of carbon dioxide
removing17,933.65cars off the road annually
covering12.25acres (or 9.264 football fields)with solar modules

Additional Details

  • Full installation was accomplished in 45-60 days on each building
  • To maximize energy density, each roof utilizes a Unirac non-penetrating ballasted system of solar racks called RMDT Racking
  • Each building has inverters and optimizers continuously monitored by Solaredge

Why solar is a good investment