Cook Land Company

Our History

Cook Land Company has been in business for nearly 70 years as a result of our adaptability, flexibility and focus on innovation. We look forward to helping you find solutions for your unique real estate needs.

In 1942 Einar Cook recognized a need for new, innovative farm equipment. He established Cook Disc and Implements to invent, design, and manufacture robust farm equipment suited for specific crops.

In the 1950s, operations expanded to include farming row crops such as cotton and wheat. With the economy changing and financial stability a necessary priority, the Cooks also built and leased light industrial warehouses on 20 acres on the corner of Shaw and Peach Avenue, laying the foundation for what became Cook Land Company.

The development soon evolved to include commercial uses such as restaurants, service stations, and corner markets. In addition, farmland on Locan and Shepard Avenues and Academy and Ashlan Avenues were subdivided for farming and residential development.

Hans Cook settled in Clovis in 1899 “Where the soil was sandy and sunflowers grew the tallest” on Shaw and Peach Avenues.

In the mid-1970s, the company reinvented itself again, ceasing farming operations and building and leasing additional light industrial warehouses. During the 1980s, Jerry Cook became a general partner of Cook Land Company and formed TJC Partners with his sons, Tosh and Todd Cook, to continue acquiring and building light industrial buildings. In the early 1990s, Einar Cook passed away, and Jerry Cook became the sole General Partner. Jerry’s sisters, Karen McNally and Jean Brown, became limited partners. In 1995, Cook Land Company developed the “Sunflower Marketplace,” a 190,000 sq. ft., Wal-Mart-anchored shopping center on the original Shaw and Peach Avenue property in Clovis, California.

To honor Hans Cook, the place where the sunflowers grew the tallest was named Sunflower Marketplace.

From 2000-present, the Cook Land Company portfolio included more than 50 buildings and properties in the Central Valley, with 52 tenants in more than 1.1 million square feet. The portfolio of properties was and continues to be divided between industrial and Class A office uses. Continual growth through the decade enabled Cook Land Company to add expert in-house financial, lending, property management, construction and civil engineering services.

Notable recent projects include the acquisition of former Pelco business campus buildings, an abandoned 139,000 SF Costco center, which will become Class A office space, the 93,000 SF Laval manufacturing facility, and the 102,550 SF Clovis Schneider manufacturing facility.

During the last three decades, all Cook facilities have continuously had a 95% occupancy or higher and add or build over 200,000 square feet annually.